Sydney Festival 2014

Spirit of Akasha

Spirit of Akasha

The Sydney Festival is back and promises a variety of events to keep Sydney entertained throughout January.

Organisers pride themselves on having a kaleidoscopic range of cultural events spanning from “burlesque circus to Chicago rap to Dutch theatre, from contemporary dance to family programs to traditional Indigenous arts practice and everything in-between. In all, the program comprises around 370 performances and around 100 events performed by over 700 artists in more than 30 venues each year” – according to the official website.

Discounted tickets can be snapped up to all events on the day for only $25 at the ‘Tix for Next to Nix’ booth in Hyde Park.

There is also plenty of free entertainment, including the Parra Opening Party happening in Parramatta on January 10th. The streets will be shut down as some of the hottest acts including Bella Kalalo and Gordie Mackeeman perform on the main stage but there will be a multitude of events in the surrounding area as well.

With so much reasonably priced entertainment to choose from across many locations, here is a link to my guide of the best alternative picks at SF14:

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