About Leigh

Leigh Livingstone

Stories connect us. Communication and compelling content are the keys to making sure those stories are seen. Whether it’s the tale of your brand, your business or you – Living Loving Content can help you tell it.

With years of experience working with Australia’s best magazine titles, including Foxtel magazine, WHO, TV Soap, Inside Out and Practical Parenting (among others), as well as fashion label Sass and Bide and various Sydney newspapers, Leigh Livingstone is a journalist, editor, presenter, film critic and content creator with an eye for news and a passion for storytelling – in all its mediums.

Please take a look at the print and online portfolio sections and reach out if you need assistance with your next media or communications project.

Email: leigh@leighlivingstone.com

2 responses to “About Leigh

  1. Leigh – if you are going to be a decent journalist then do your research properly and state facts accurately. You stated the blow poke in the Michael Peterson trial curiously went missing and has not been seen since when in fact it was found and photographed close to the time of the murder by local police but returned as it had no evidence of being used and again found one year later, tested and produced in court to disprove it had been used in the death of Kathleen. Journalists who do not research properly (this information is easily found in legal analysis of the case) and write stories with sensational content to get followers really annoy me and you’ve lost any credit – I won’t be interested in reading another one of your articles.

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